Daniele Mazzocchetti, Amy Maria Berti, Roberta Sartini, Alessandra Lucarini, Giuseppe Ragusa, Matteo Caroli, and Luca Pierelli, “Total nucleated cells as a sole predictor of distinct targets of hematopoietic potential (CD34+ cells) in cord blood units: the results of a large series analysis in autologous cord blood units.” Transfusion, 54(5):1256-1262



Rapid identification of eligible cord blood units (CBUs) for banking is an important number in hematopoietic stem cell procurement. Distinct contents of CD34+

Study Design and Methods

Considering thresholds of CD34+ cell content of $3 × 10^6$, $2 × 10^6$, and $1 × 10^6$ CD34+ cells, we analyzed a consecutive series of 1309 CBUs. CBUs were co


Median total nucleated cell (TNC) and CD34+ cell counts of the series were $6.97 × 10^8$ (range, $0.36 × 10^8-34.9 × 10^8$) and $1.47 × 10^6$ $(0-20.56 × 10^6)$


This analysis, carried out on a large, unrestricted CBU series, shows that TNC alone is the best predictor of distinct targets of hematopoietic potential with

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